Senator Liz Krueger Calls For Active Opposition to Venomous Speech Delivered By Ahmadinejad

Liz Krueger

May 04, 2010

While we live in a world where the right to free speech is used to spread hate and bigotry towards our brothers and sisters in Israel, we must remember that this same right allows us to protest such venomous attacks. It must be made clear that freedom of speech used to spew anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric may be permitted by the law, but it is not tolerated by the people. Ahmadinejad may come to our soil to enjoy and abuse the very rights he does not grant his own people, however that does not mean we will not stand-up and fight against his words. We must exercise our right to voice opposition to intolerance not only on our own behalf, but also for those around the world who cannot publicly question their own government without fear of vengeful retribution.