MAS Reports: A Brief History

Malcolm A. Smith

May 27, 2009

In 2003, I began to publish a monthly MAS Report. It began as a simple flier that I handed out in the community and put in the office for people to pick up and read about all the work we had been doing on behalf of our constituents in the 14th District.

Sometimes, we would even go down to the local subway station and hand them out--just to make sure that people knew that we were here to help them.

Eventually, we moved into the world of fax-blasting the MAS Report. Back in the day, sending this simple, black and white one-pager out this way was considered "cutting edge"!

Now, I am proud to be able to release the first-ever online editions of the May 2009 MAS Report via

One is our regular Monthly report, which highlights upcoming events like a Job Fair in the Rockaways and a Health Walk in Springfield Park, as well as details our fight to save the Cross Bay Bridge Rockaway/Broadchannel Resident Rebate Program

The second is an emergency report on H1N1, explaining the facts about swine flu as we know them, and the precautions you can take to keep yourself healthy.

I am proud to use the new technological tools at our disposal to reach even more New Yorkers than we could before, and increase the MAS Report’s circulation from several hundred to all of New York State and the world.