A More Democratic New York Through Ethics Reform

Malcolm A. Smith

June 02, 2009

When I became Senate Majority Leader, one of my priorities was fostering a more effective government for the people of New York through reform. That reform has come on a variety of fronts, and ranges from using new technologies to holding public hearings to changing the Senate’s longstanding rules. I am thrilled to be joined today by a cohort of fellow members, lead by Senator Daniel Squadron, as we take the next step towards a more democratic New York.

Senator Squadron’s bill is part of a wider effort of ethics and campaign finance reform. It is significant in that it calls for an independent body to be empowered to oversee both the legislative and executive branches of our state government. The appointment structure this bill calls for also means that no single official or branch of government will hold sway over all of its members, paving the way for true independence.

For more detailed information on the bill and how to become a part of the conversation, read the NYSenate Official Blog here.