Senator Smith Supports Governor's Stand on Equal Distribution of Technology Resources for Schools

Malcolm A. Smith

January 22, 2014

Senator Malcolm A. Smith (D-Hollis) today expressed his support of the Governor's position that there be equal distribution of technology resources for all schools across the state. The $2 billion ballot referendum called "Smart Schools," would provide funds to purchase laptop and desktop computers, upgrade technology infrastructure and expand broadband access. Smith has been pushing for such a measure since last year, even before budget talks began.

In a October 21, 2013 letter to the Commissioner of the NYS Education Department, John B. King, Jr., Smith wrote: "As I surveyed the middle schools in the district that I represent, I was dismayed to find that many schools do not have computers, and IPads are non-existent. Lack of resources result in a huge disadvantage with the technology learning curve. As you submit your budget request to the Governor's Office, I sincerely hope you will include enough resources to allow adequate placement of computer and additional equipment for the middle schools with the district I represent."

Smith later said: "I am happy that my request is in keeping with the needs of the State, and I am excited about the benefits that this new technology will bring to the district."