Elaine Delaney

May 11, 2011


Elaine Delaney


Year: 2011

Elaine Delaney has been active in her community for over 20 years. A native of Brooklyn, Ms. Delaney worked for Coca-Cola Bottling Company upon graduating high school. Starting out as an Administrative Assistant, she quickly rose to the position of Purchasing Agent. She cites her involvement in the introduction of Diet Coke, as her most memorable moment at the company.

After leaving Coca-Cola, Ms. Delaney worked at NBC for “Nightly News” and “The Today Show” and later held a position at the New York Methodist Hospital in the Purchasing Department.

In addition to her work, Ms. Delaney is actively involved with her son’s school, being a member, Parent Coordinator and later President, of the PTA at Public School 186. Because of this involvement, Ms. Delaney received numerous awards, including the Women of the Year from the New York City Council, an award from the Superintendent and the Community School Board, Citations from the City Council, and the CSA award among others.

An energetic activist, Ms. Delaney’s contributions extend far beyond Public School 186. She currently works with parents to help them learn English and has facilitated numerous skills workshops. She also works tirelessly with a number of community organizations which include The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Leukemia Foundation, the local food pantry, Brooklyn Public Library, and Sunrise Day Camp.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Ms. Delaney is also dynamically involved with the Boy Scouts. Because of her tireless involvement with both her community and the Scouts, Ms. Delaney has received numerous awards, including the Diocese of Brooklyn award of Merit, and the Women of Valor Award from the New Utrecht Reformed Church, the Den Leader Award, the Spark Plug Award, the Scouter of the Year Award, the District Award of Merit, the Webelos Award, the Cubmaster Award, the International Awareness Award and the Bronze Pelican Award.

If you ask Ms. Delaney who the major influence is in her life, she immediately tell you that it is her mother and her sons. In her own words, her mother always taught her “to give back.” So, too, has Elaine Delaney, with extraordinary focus and compassion.