A Letter to New Yorkers

Martin J. Golden

December 16, 2010

Dear New Yorkers,

For the last two years, the Democrat-controlled State government has launched a merciless assault on the quality of life of our State residents.

Under their leadership, the Democrats took more of your hard earned money through higher taxes while at the same time killing over 245,000 jobs in 2009 alone.

They eliminated our STAR rebate checks, which were given to every homeowner to feed the super-sized state budgets that increased spending by over 14 billion in two years. Additionally, their infamous MTA bailout saddled every church, charity, school and small business with a job-killing payroll tax while leaving upstate bridges and roads to crumble.

Throughout the past two years, I have lead the fight to return your tax dollars back to you, while reducing costs, streamlining state government, and creating jobs.

Clearly the direction that the Democrats have taken New York State has been wrong. Even the governor-elect recognizes the need for a property tax cap. However, now is the time for the new Republican Senate Majority to make tax caps, spending caps, government reduction and job creation a reality. We need to do more than to merely talk about change. We need action.

The Senate Republicans have long been on the record as supporters of spending caps as well as property tax caps. Many of my colleagues made these commitments to the voters during the past election, and we will do our best to work with the governor and the Assembly to make these limits on future spending and tax increases a reality.

Having a job and owning a home are pillars of the American Dream. That is why the Senate Republicans are committed to a simple, straightforward, and real job creation plan that consists of a tax credit for small businesses of up to $5,000 for every job they create, a ban on new taxes and regulations on these companies, and a State spending cap.

New York has seen an exodus of residents leaving our State because of high taxes, and spiraling costs of living. Young people are not able to afford homes in communities in which they were born and raised. Property taxes have been like Godzilla, devouring incomes of middle class families, while threatening the very economic viability of too many upstate communities.

New York State is at a crossroads. Only by changing the way our government operates can we improve the quality life for New Yorkers. Now, we must return to the common-sense ideals of a Theodore Roosevelt. We must reduce government costs, cut taxes and create jobs, and we must do it now. By working together, we can achieve these goals and make the fundamental changes needed to return the shine to the Empire State, and the economic vitality that provided the fuel for the economic boom that built the United States.


Martin J. Golden

State Senator, 22nd District