Motorcycle Gang on the West Side Highway

Martin J. Golden

October 07, 2013

Last week we all read the horrific story of a motorcycle gang who viciously beat Alexian Lien, and terrorized his family, on the West Side Highway. This incident has made national headlines, and captured the attention of every New Yorker. This type of brutality, coupled with the recent acts of gun violence throughout the city, reminds us all of one important fact: Crime and violence in all forms only remains under control when we are vigilant.

New York City is the safest big city in the Country, and the reason for this is simple, we have a police department a Mayor, and in the case of Brooklyn, a District Attorney, Charlie Hynes, who understand the best ways and tactics for keeping our city safe. They have instituted policies, like stop-question-frisk, which allow officers to make sound judgment calls on whom they believe pose the greatest threat without fear of frivolous judicial action. Unfortunately, we have seen some bad calls made by the city council regarding these needed protections.

Over the past few months, we have had a number of disturbing court rulings and City Council decisions that make me question if the hard work we have all put in to make New York as safe as it is will continue after November. Our current administration has made keeping New York City safe a top priority, and the next Mayor will have to continue the hard work needed in order to make sure that people to do not flee our city due to concerns of safety.

November is an important election, and I urge everyone to research the candidates, and make sure that they will continue the work that Mayor Bloomberg, and Police Commissioner Kelly have done to keep New York safe, so that we continue to be the greatest city to live, work, and raise a family.