Patrick Gualtieri

May 18, 2012


Patrick Gualtieri

Award: Honoring Our Veterans

Year: 2012

Pat Gualtieri is well-known throughout the veterans’ community as a leader, producer of special events and veterans advocate. He embodies the essence of patriotic pride, respect for service, honor for veterans and love of country. As a Vietnam Veteran, he knows just how important it is to embrace our veterans – to ‘never forget’ another generation. Throughout his 15+ years of community service, Pat consistently goes ‘above and beyond’, providing assistance, direction, friendship and resources to many a veteran. Pat extends himself ‘times over’ to make it ‘go right’ for another veteran. Years ago, he formed a close working, professional relationship with Samaritan Village Veterans Program. With his ‘larger-thanlife’, buoyant personality, sharp instincts and business savvy; Pat became an unofficial mentor, providing ‘ad hoc’ inspiration and training for many a Samaritan veteran.

Pat’s indelible signature is by far his production of the NYC Veterans Day Parade for the past 12+ years. He’s brought new energy, vitality, purpose and patriotism to the forefront; working tirelessly to ensure every component part is well handled. He’s our unsung hero of an incredible amount of time, commitment and dedication. With creative vision, high standards and driving spirit, Pat’s elevated the Parade with increased attendance and participation. Pat’s a champion of veterans, creating The Goodwill Valentines Caravan and Thank You for Serving. He heightened awareness of veterans’ issues as a Founding Father for The Mike Handy Veteran’s Foundation.