4:33 A.M., Senate Session has Adjourned.

Martin Malavé Dilan

March 27, 2013

Not including funding for the Dream Act in the State Budget is a disservice to thousands of New Yorkers who wish to realize the American Dream and work to ensure that future generations can and will lay the foundations for a long and prosperous life. Any education spending plan without Dream Act funding is a no vote.

An increase in the minimum wage is long overdue. But a minimum wage increase not indexed to the rate of inflation is an arbitrary number. The fight for a fair, livable wage is far from over. I voted no.

The lack of legislative involvement in any sale of Downstate Medical’s Long Island College Hospital real estate assets is troubling. Was closing the institution about LICH’s or SUNY Downstate’s troubled financial waters, or LICH’s $1 billion water-front property? Is this the first step toward Downstate’s demise as well? I voted no.