Chandra S. Morgan

May 15, 2012


Chandra S. Morgan


Year: 2012

Chandra S. Morgan is a New York City Council Legislative Clerk and life-long community activist.

Born in Leonora, Guyana, Ms. Morgan immigrated to the United States in 1995 and began working at the Guyana Mission to the United Nations. Putting her travel and tourism experience to work, Ms. Morgan left the Mission in 1999 to become an International Institute of Travel Director where she remained until 2007.

Ms. Morgan’s career in the public sector began soon after in the accounting unit of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. She soon branched out into community activism and campaigns throughout New York City.

She began devoting her energy at senior centers and the Boys and Girls Club of Queens. In her home community of Cypress Hills, she served on Community Board 5 and the local Parent Teacher Association.

Activism is Ms. Morgan’s life passion. It began at age 12 while demonstrating for free and fair elections in Guyana; by age 18, she was General Council to a Guyanese women’s organization.

After receiving her college degree in political science, she went on to work at the Guyana Agricultural & General Workers Union and for the Guyanese head of state.After more than 20 years fi ghting for the rights of Guyanese women, Ms. Morgan’s work continues in Cypress Hills. In addition to educating women on the importance of voting and political involvement, she’s a strong advocate for economic empowerment, higher standards of education, and better living conditions for all.