Earth Day: Senator Dilan Adds His Name in Support of Environmental Bills

Martin Malavé Dilan

April 22, 2013

Today Senator Dilan co-sponsored three environmental “super bills” in hopes they soon see action in the Senate. The bills are critically important to protecting and preserving New York’s natural resources for future generations, and are touted as high priority for environmentalists throughout the state.

S. 4236-A, extends the moratorium on hydro-fracking for natural gas and requires a comprehensive health assessment of the process. It also increases citizen oversight through an extended public comment and review of the potential health impacts.

S. 2522, extends existing 2-year solar-power production incentive programs out to 2023, and establishes new tax credits for solar power, storage and component producers.

S. 735, would require the Department of Environmental Conservation to develop new rules and regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of a 20 percent reduction in emissions by 2020.