Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund Meeting

Warsaw, 261 Driggs Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn

On September 25, Greenpointers will have the opportunity to learn more about local environmental improvement grants made available through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund and how the program is proposed to work. Furthermore, residents will have the opportunity to learn about similar environmental improvement projects, and offer their opinions on how best as a community we can implement similar improvements to Greenpoint.

As the result of a 2010 settlement between New York State and Exxon Mobil, the $19.5 million Fund was created to make new environmental investments in Greenpoint.

After more than a century of industrial negligence, Newtown Creek, now designated a Superfund site is finally getting the attention it deserves. And more so, after decades of advocacy, the community of Greenpoint has been given an active role in restoring Greenpoint’s environmental resources. Please make the best of this opportunity.

For further information visit You can also email, or call (718) 389-9044 ext. 15.