Greenpoint Tube Closure Friday, July 25, 2014

Martin Malavé Dilan

July 22, 2014

MTA to add bus service, suspend other construction during closure

At 11 p.m., Friday, July 25 the Greenpoint Tube will close as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority repairs damage to the tunnel and G Line sustained during Superstorm Sandy. The scheduled repairs will be completed and service will be restored on Tuesday, September 2 at 5 a.m.

The G Line will operate between Church and Nassau avenues in Brooklyn. In Queens, service between Nassau Avenue and the Court Square station will be suspended. Informational brochures are available for riders and alternate service posters will be highly visible at affected stations.

Following the recommendations of a North Brooklyn working group that included Senator Dilan, other local electeds, riders and local businesses, the MTA has provided the following alternatives to accommodate riders. They include:

  • G Train service between the Nassau Avenue and Court Square stations  will be serviced by two, fare-free 24-hour bus routes; one route via Manhattan Avenue, and one route via McGuinness Boulevard;
  • The Manhattan Avenue route will connect the Nassau Avenue to the Court Square G stations; the McGuinness Boulevard route will connect the Metropolitan Avenue/Lorimer Street G and L station to the Court Square G station.


Shuttle bus stops along each route will be located near G stations:


  • Jackson Avenue and 45th Avenue
  • Jackson Avenue and 47th Avenue
  • Manhattan Avenue/McGuinness Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue
  • Manhattan Avenue/McGuinness Boulevard and Nassau Avenue
  • Metropolitan Avenue and Union Avenue (shuttle bus to Metropolitan Avenue only)



  • Metropolitan Avenue and Union Avenue (shuttle bus from Metropolitan Avenue only)
  • Manhattan Avenue/McGuinness Boulevard and Nassau Avenue
  • Manhattan Avenue/MeGuinness Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue
  • 44th Drive and 23rd Street.


Free walking MetroCard transfers between the Broadway G station and the Lorimer Street J and M will be provided.