Mapping New York's Future

Martin Malavé Dilan

January 03, 2011

Mapping New York's Future

Senator Dilan is committed to a fair, objective and transparent 2011-2012 legislative redistricting process. Procedures are being considered to advance the goals of a legislative redistricting plan incorporating clearly stated goals and criteria.

As the post 2010 redistricting cycle approaches, your views and opinions are welcome. The conference is considering how objective criteria should be followed to ensure that the redistricting plan presented to Governor Cuomo for approval meets objective standards that seek to minimize regional bias and disparate population deviation, generally avoid irregularly shaped districts, provide for reasonable compactness, and comply with the goals and requirements of the federal Voting Rights Act, the New York State Constitution and recent legal precedents.

Public meetings were held in December to solicit public input. These public meetings followed a series of earlier roundtable discussions convened with key redistricting stakeholders including representativess from the voting/civil rights, faith based and bar association communities, academia, and “good government” /reform organizations.

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