NYCHA’S Fatherhood Initiative

NYCHA’S fatherhood initiative helps fathers of all ages reconnect with their children and strengthen New York City families.

For more information and to register, please contact Brooklyn Community Operations at (718) 453-1296.

NYCHA Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) builds on existing services and platforms in community centers to create a new network where fathers and their children will be supported and provided the tools they need to build strong relationships.

NFI will begin at the Williamsburg Community Center in Brooklyn, and is working with partner agencies to develop and roll out similar programs in NYCHA communities over the next year.

Through NFI, free programming will be offered at designated community centers for fathers and their children in structured activities that foster parental bonding, teamwork and enhance their overall quality of life. Held monthly over the course of one year, there will be separate programs for children ages six-12 and for teenagers.

In addition, NFI will host on-site support stations, operated by NYCHA Social Services, to create a supportive network for fathers and foster an environment where fathers will support not only their children, but also each other. NYCHA Resident Employment Services will offer education and job skill training and assist with job placement opportunities.