Resolution in City Council Calls for Support of State E-Bike Bill

Martin Malavé Dilan

March 13, 2014

J. David Goodman/The New York Times

New York City Council Member Rafael Espinal introduced a resolution in the council calling for support of Senator Dilan’s bill to legalize electric-assisted bicycles.

S.390, introduced by Senator Dilan and carried by Assemblymember Gantt, would amend the State Vehicle and Traffic law to include electric assisted bicycles in the definition of bicycles and thus permit their use.

“More and more New Yorkers are turning to electric-assisted bicycles as a cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative mode of transportation. Uses for e-bikes range from the daily commute to local delivery route, but their practicality could also benefit the elderly and disabled. I can’t think of a State and City more suited for the electric bike than New York. The time has come to embrace them,” said Senator Dilan.

Council Member Espinal pointed out that the state is out of step with federal standards established more than a decade ago that set the parameters for electric assisted bicycles. “It just doesn’t make sense for the State to maintain the status quo. The use of electric assisted bicycles can have positive effects on New York’s economy and environment. It is a mode of clean transportation,” he said.

A council hearing on the resolution has yet to be scheduled but the hope, and intent of the resolution, is to urge consideration before legislative session closes in Albany.