Statement from Senator Dilan Re: Governor Cuomo's Redistricting Reform Act

Martin Malavé Dilan

February 17, 2011

“Governor Cuomo’s redistricting proposal is a breath of fresh air.

“New York’s redistricting process is undemocratic. The ability to disenfranchise any one-person or community for the sake of political gain with the stroke of a pen is unconscionable.

“The Governor has proposed a practical approach to redistricting that incorporates several concepts and criteria from redistricting reforms I have also proposed, specifically: prohibiting regional bias, accurately representing communities of interest,  and following Voting Rights Act requirements.

“Governor Cuomo has provided us with the opportunity and means to change redistricting now.

“It’s been made clear that Senate Republicans have no qualms reneging on their promise to fight for independent redistricting. Fortunately, for the countless New Yorkers who have been demanding fair and partisan free redistricting, someone has the spine to stick to their commitment.

“I look forward to the Senate Republican’s introduction of this legislation and expect its prompt enactment.”