Nadine Whitted

May 09, 2017

Nadine Whitted is the recently retired District Manager of Brooklyn’s Community Board 4, a post she held for 30 years. A dedicated and driven community advocate, Ms. Whitted was active with Community Board 4 for a total of 40 years.

Born in Brooklyn, Ms. Whitted demonstrated early on the leadership qualities that would later earn her an award for Outstanding Service to her Bushwick High School Graduating Class of 1972, and mark the beginning of her love of service, delivery and labor on the behalf of others.

Upon graduating from Brooklyn College with a degree in Education, Ms. Whitted applied for a position at Brooklyn Community Board 4. She accepted the position of Administrative Aide approximately three days prior to the Black Out of July 1977.

Under the leadership and the tutelage of then-District Manager John Dereszewski, Ms. Whitted was encouraged and inspired to serve her Bushwick community. She quickly set out to cure the many social ills Community Board 4 residents were confronting, including property owner abandonment, lack of public and affordable housing, the drug epidemic, inferior infrastructure, illiteracy, and rampant unemployment.

Recognizing her compassion, patience, humility and understanding, Ms. Whitted was soon elevated to the position of Assistant District Manager, and immediately set out to work harder and advocate with greater passion and persistence for the residents of Community Board 4.

After much consideration and prompting by many community board members and local leaders, Ms. Whitted assumed the role of Community Board 4 District Manager in 1986, a position she held and served with respect and great distinction until her retirement in November 2016.