Susan K. Brown, PhD

May 13, 2014



PhD Susan K. Brown


Year: 2014

Susan K. Brown, PhD, is the Herman M. Cohn Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She is a professor in the Department of Horticulture, and conducts her research on apple breeding at Cornell in Geneva. 

Dr. Brown received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Connecticut, a Master’s degree from Rutgers University and a PhD from University of California at Davis. She was hired by Cornell University as an Assistant Professor in 1985, promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 1990 and to full professor in 2000. Dr. Brown served as Associate Chair of the Horticulture Department from 2010-2013. In 2013, Susan was named Associate Director of Cornell’s NYSAES. 

Dr. Brown’s passion is apples and ways in which their genetic improvement can benefi t New York’s apple industry and consumers. She is the co-inventor of 10 sweet cherries and four apple varieties, and her research is frequently featured in the media. Invited to speak across the globe, Dr. Brown is also the author of many publications and articles, and has trained many graduate students. 

In 2010, Cornell partnered with a newly formed grower organization, NYAG LLC, in order to provide New York growers exclusive rights to commercialize two new varieties from the Cornell apple breeding program. In 2013, these two new varieties, ‘SnapDragon™, and ‘RubyFrost™, were introduced to consumers and were received enthusiastically. Such partnerships help the state industry’s competitiveness and provide consumers with new, high quality varieties. 

Presented with the 2013 SUNY’s Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service, Dr. Brown also participated and completed the Class III of Leading Cornell University leadership course. She received the 2012 CALS Alumni Association’s Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award, and has also received a commendation from the Garden Clubs of America, the New York Farmers Club Award and an award from the Massachusetts Horticulture Society.