Luke Gasparre

May 20, 2016

In 1943, Private First Class Luke Gasparre proudly enlisted in the United States Army. At the young age of 18, Mr. Gasparre trained to become a soldier and was assigned to the ACORN Division, an infantry division tasked with breaking through German lines in Germany. Mr. Gaspare bravely fought in the Battle of the Bulge, which was the highest causality operation by the end of World War II.

During his service in World War II, and on a freezing winter night while trying to avoid detection from the Nazis, Mr. Gasparre suffered a gunshot wound to his right hand, but was able to safely return to his base without further injuries. Mr. Gasparre was recently awarded the French Purple Heart, which he received for his bravery and courage in the face of danger and in recognition of his battle injuries. In addition, Mr. Gasparre is a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

At the end of the war, Mr. Gasparre returned to his home in Astoria, New York. In 1964, he had the honor and distinction of beginning his employment with the United States Postal Service, where he worked for 34 years. For 52 years, Mr. Gasparre has worked as an usher for the New York Mets organization, where he continues to serve at the age of the 92.

Born in 1924, Luke Gasparre has remained a lifelong resident of Astoria, and is a loyal husband, and a beloved war veteran. The New York State Senate thanks Mr. Gasparre for serving his country and is proud to honor the sacrifi ce he made to keep our country safe and free.