MTA Capital Program: Read the Plan Here

Below is the MTA's latest draft of its Capital Program for 2010-2014, which that MTA Board approved on Sept. 23, 2009.

Before the plan is enacted, it must first pass the MTA Capital Program Review Board, where Senator Craig M. Johnson is the voting member for the Senate Majority. He must approve, or veto the plan by December 30, 2009.

Before making that decision, Senator Johnson wants to here from you. Specifically, he wants to hear about your mass transit priorities and your thoughts on how this plan will affect train and bus service within your communities.

Included with the plan is an Executive Summery and a document that includes frequently asked questions and answers about the plan. These documents were authored by the MTA and their inclusion on this page in no way constitutes an endorsement from Senator Johnson, or the Capital Program Review Board.

Senator Johnson is eagerly awaiting your comments and concerns. You can submit your comments by clicking here, or by sending letters to:

MTA Capital Plan Feedback,

C/O Senator Craig M. Johnson

151 Herricks Road, Suite 202

Garden City Park, NY 11040