Senator Breslin Elects Local Veteran Frank DiNuzzo Jr. for New York State's Veteran's Hall of Fame

Neil D. Breslin

May 23, 2012

Frank J. DiNuzzo, Jr. was born on May 8th, 1924 in Watervliet, NY to Italian immigrants. He joined the Army in 1943 and upon completion of basic training joined the 204th Combat Engineers. The unit prepared and trained in England for the invasion of France. Through the early days after the Normandy Invasion, the unit cleared the beachhead for follow-on forces. The 204th then moved into Northern France along the Maginot Line to clear a path for General Patton’s armor force. For three days, his unit heroically dug out hundreds of personnel and tank mines. For his actions, Frank was awarded the Bronze Star.

 On February 10, 1945, the 204th was in Luxembourg supporting the Allies assault on the Siegfried Line along the Sauer River. The 204th was tasked to secure and clear the far side of the river. While crossing the river with another soldier, they were attacked with indirect and direct fire. Frank was hit in the back by shrapnel. The other soldier was seriously injured with stomach wounds. Frank displayed complete abandoned for own injuries to save his comrade. Under heavy enemy fire, he got the soldier across the river. It was this act of bravery and selfless service that Frank earned the Silver Star and Purple Heart.

 Upon returning from WWII, Frank met Mary, the love of his life. They married and settled in Watervliet, where they raised four wonderful children Frank III, Paul, Anthony, and Lori. Frank attended Siena College, earning a degree in Business Administration.

 Frank J. DiNuzzo, Jr was discharged as a, "PFC."