One Week Of

May 14, 2009

It's been a week since launched.

The site has been widely scrutinized and reviewed, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive:

This site is unprecedented for New York’s legislature, which is known for being a lot of things - transparent and accessible not being among them. The team of people who have been putting this together are taking suggestions from the public because they want the site to be a model for how governments share information with stakeholders.

The website represents a step forward for good government in a state that sorely needs it. I hope that this translates into more fundamental changes to the procedures employed in the Senate itself. All in all, a positive thing for us taxpayers. (Buffalo Pundit)

The site looks great - easily navigable, aesthetically pleasing, generally user-friendly... Overall, it's a revolutionary site, leaps and bounds ahead of those of any other state government. (Daily Kos)

In addition, many New Yorkers are taking advantage of the new avenues of communication opened up by the As of this morning:

  • 3,359 votes have been cast for ideas posted to the new Crowdsourcing tool, which currently asks the public how they would like the Senate to address the issue of property taxes
  • 10 New Yorkers have posted their feedback on NYSenate Markup, a tool which allows public input on specific pieces of draft legislation
  • 3 New Yorkers have commented on the official New York State Senate blog

These New Yorkers took time out of their busy days to make their voices heard. Our goal is to have many more take advantage of the cutting-edge functionality embedded in

Looking forward, the Senate's CIO Team, lead by Andrew Hoppin, is already hard at work enhancing  The site isn't perfect, and the Senate is committed to its constant improvement.

We hope you will continue to stop by and participate in your New York State Senate.