Barbara Poldino, 2009 Woman of Distinction

Owen H. Johnson

January 12, 2010

Over 100 friends joined at the Rainbow Senior Citizen Center for the 2009 Woman of Distinction Award presentation to Barbara Poldino.  The New York State Senate's 'Woman of Distinction' program provides a special opportunity to honor women for their achievements and to thank them for the special pride they bring to our communities. 

Barbara started her illustrious career at the Village of Lindenhurst's Rainbow Senior Center twenty-two years ago.  Since that time, she has instituted many new programs and activities for seniors such as the highly successful Inter-Generational programs.  These programs integrate seniors and students in various activities and events at the center.  Through her diligent work, Barbara has helped to make the Rainbow Senior Center a success and has incorporated her many civic and volunteer ventures to create a model facility loved by the seniors who reside in the beautiful Village of Lindenhurst.

Photo left to right:  Maryanne Weckerle, Village of Lindenhurst Trustee; Wayne Horsely, Suffolk Co. Legislator, 14th L.D.; Gordon D. Canary of Senator Owen H. Johnson's Office; Barbara Poldino, 2009 Woman of Distinction Award Recipient; Tom Brennan, Lindenhurst Village Mayor; Michael Lavorata, Village Trustee; Jodi Caravella, Village Trustee; Doug Madlon, Methodist Minister and Deputy Village Clerk.