Mary Elizabeth Delli-Pizzi

May 14, 2012


Mary Elizabeth Delli-Pizzi


Year: 2012

Mary Elizabeth “Beth” Delli-Pizzi was raised in Maine and started her distinguished journey after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Springfield College. Upon graduation, Ms. Delli-Pizzi moved to Washington, D.C. where she worked for the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

After getting a taste of the political life, Ms. Delli-Pizzi decided to pursue a paralegal degree from Georgetown University, from which she graduated in 1983. Following this accomplishment, she went on to Suffolk University Law School and graduated with her Juris Doctorate in 1991. Her accomplishments did not come without hard work. While attending Suffolk University at night, Ms. Delli-Pizzi worked full-time during the day at Hale and Dorr, at the time the largest law firm in Boston.

Ms. Delli-Pizzi’s work motivated her to apply for, and receive a job through, the Attorney General’s Honors Program, being placed in the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). At INS, she met her husband Louis Delli-Pizzi, whom she married in 1996 and has two children, Maggie and Jack.

Following many years working full-time as an attorney, Ms. Delli-Pizzi started her own law practice from home in 2008 after her husband, a lieutenant in the 69th Infantry Regiment, was deployed for duty in Afghanistan. As her husband was in harm’s way, Ms. Delli-Pizzi continued to practice law and raise her children, but also was instrumental in spearheading the development of the Long Island Family Readiness Group (FRG). As a leader of the FRG, Ms. Delli-Pizzi has helped raise over $50,000 in funds for care packages to be sent overseas for soldiers. The service that FRG provides has been recognized by local towns, as well as the United States Congress.

In addition to her career and work with the FRG, Ms. Delli-Pizzi has dedicated her time and talents to helping families of fallen soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder support and causality assistance through the FRG.

Ms. Delli-Pizzi has been a leader in her practice of law and caring for our nation’s soldiers, all while taking care of her children as her husband defends our country. For these reasons, she is truly an inspiration for all.