Parents Advancing West Islip Students (PAWS): 2010 Award Recipients

Owen H. Johnson

April 30, 2010

Photo left to right:  Annmarie LaRosa, Vice President, Board of Education; PAWS 2010 Honoree Gary Koffsky (Outstanding Community Member); Senator Owen H. Johnson; PAWS 2010 Honoree Dr. Beth Virginia Blau, Superintendent of Schools (Outstanding Educator); and Steve Gellar, President, Board of Education.

Senator Owen H. Johnson was proud to be among those honoring PAWS 2010 award recipients at the Venetian Yacht Club in Babylon Village on Friday, March 12, 2010.

PAWS 2010 Honoree Gary Koffsky, President of the West Islip Soccer Club received the Outstanding Community Member Award.  Also, 2010 Honoree Dr. Beth Virginia Blau, Superintendent of Schools, received an award for Outstanding Educator.

PAWS is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to enriching the educational experience.  PAWS generates resources through community support to promote, sponsor and enhance learning opportunities for our children.  Visit their website at: