Robert E. Walsh

May 18, 2012


Sergeant First Class

Sergeant First Class Robert E. Walsh

Award: Honoring Our Veterans

Year: 2012

Sergeant First Class Walsh has over 20 years of Army Service and is the Senior Active Duty Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Fighting 69th on Long Island. He was one of the first Military Responders to the attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2011. At the WTC, SFC Walsh was responsible for assisting with the Military coordination of the rescue and recovery effort.

SFC Walsh was awarded the coveted Combat Medic Badge and the MSM for his actions on the Battle Field in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Combat Medic Badge is only awarded to qualified medics who provide medical aid to a ground combat unit while engaged in active ground combat. The Combat Medic holds a special and honored place in the hearts and minds of Infantry ground troops because they are the forward medical element giving aid on the battle field. The Combat Medic is the first medical person the combat wounded soldier encounters. 

During his combat tour in Iraq, SFC Walsh was personally involved in giving aid to over 70 members of his unit who were injured on the battle field and more than 20 soldiers who were killed in action. He will never leave a fallen comrade, on or off the battle field. He has earned the trust and confidence of his fellow warriors. 

At home, off the battle field, SFC Walsh devotes countless hours on and off duty tending the moral, health, and welfare of his present and former troops and their families. He continues to come to the aid of soldiers regardless of their injuries or issues stateside. Sergeant First Class Robert E. Walsh is a life-long resident of Long Island, New York, and resides in Babylon, NY with his wife Lisa and their two children.