Veterans Casualty Assistance Program

Patrick M. Gallivan

May 17, 2011

The United States of America has traditionally paid its respects to deceased veterans by providing honorary, and in many cases, financial services to members of the veteran’s family.

   While it is sometimes painful to plan ahead for the parting of a loved one, it is nonetheless wise for veterans and their families to ease the transition during this time by collecting important information now.

   This document serves as a checklist for veterans and their families in obtaining this information, including access to current forms, military data, burial benefits and other official documents which may be required to satisfy the Veterans’ Administration, as well as insurance companies, the Social Security Administration and others.

There are seven sections in this document: 

Section I:        Veteran’s personal data.

Section II:       Checklist to use at the time of the veteran’s passing.

Section III:     A list of official documents needed to submit claims for VA benefits, a list of useful veteran’s contacts, a summary of veteran burial honors and a form for miscellaneous data.

Section IV:     Application for Headstone or Grave Marker (VA Form 40-1330).

Section V:       Application for U.S. Flag for Burial Purposes (VA Form 21-2008).

Section VI:     Application for Burial Benefits (VA Form 21-530).

Section VII:    Application for Military Record Requests (NARA Standard Form 180)

   Finally, please do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance you may require in obtaining the honors and benefits that the United States confers upon the death of those who served in time of war.  For constantly updated information please visit my website at

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