Battle of the Bulge Veterans

June 09, 2011


Battle of the Bulge Veterans

Award: Veterans' Hall of Fame

Year: 2011

Oswego County “Battle of the Bulge” Veterans

The Oswego County “Battle of the Bulge” Veterans helped beat back Hitler’s Ardennes Offensive during the winter of 1944-45. By all accounts, the war in Western Europe was winding down when the Nazis mounted a surprise gambit along the Belgian frontier that Winston Churchill called, “undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the war” – and its bloodiest, with 89,500 casualties.
Brothers in combat, the Oswego County “Battle of the Bulge” Veterans have remained a force over decades of service to their communities. Members continue to meet regularly and, in addition to their individual success in business, industry, education, government and professional baseball, band together to perform educational service for their neighbors and friends, sharing their stories and military traditions with new generations.

The Oswego County “Battle of the Bulge” Veterans is among the largest gathering of soldiers from a single engagement in the nation. Members include:

Oswego County Battle of the Bulge Veterans

SSgt. John M. Canale, Chairman
Pvt. Harold Blake
SSgt. Matt Bush*
Don Buske
PO2 Fred Crisafulli
Don Cronan*
Carl Dickinson*
Cpl. Bill Hogan
Don Kitts*
W.O.J.G Len Lambert
Pfc. Bill Leighton
Sgt. Fred Lockwood
Pfc. Len Maniccia
Tec5 Alfred Myhill
Pfc. Bob Ochsenbern
SSgt. Phil Pecora
Sfc. Charles Phallen
Carmen Santore*
Charles Scaglione*
Justin Baum (Afghanistan)
QM2 Alex Beattle (Korea)
Sgt. Myles Becky (Vietnam)
Tom Halpin (Korea)

* deceased

Their sacrifice, patriotism, service and dedication to community and country have earned them a place in the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame.