Jennifer Mackie

May 13, 2013


Jennifer Mackie


Year: 2013

Jennifer Mackie has devoted her entire professional career to passing on her love of helping others through education and activism. Born and raised in Lindenhurst, she attended St. Josephs College on Long Island and studied Elementary Education and Special Education. She later went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Infants and Toddlers, Special Education. Currently, she works as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist with autistic children.

Ms. Mackie has given her time and talents over the years to a litany of community organizations, including her hometown Lindenhurst Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA), serving as vice president. She also volunteers her time as a special education advocate for families in her community.

Responding to the call to volunteer when Superstorm Sandy made landfall, she was immediately moved by the destruction and damage in her town. She flew into action and created the first incarnation of Adopt a House; a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose goal is to connect families that have been affected by unfortunate circumstances, with community members who are willing and able to help those in need.

Through Adopt a House, Ms. Mackie has been able to help over 1,000 homes affected by Superstorm Sandy. Her tireless work day in and day out with Adopt a House shows her dedication, resilience, and determination to bettering the lives of those around her.

As Executive Director, and the true catalyst behind the organization, she touches every family she helps and inspires others around her daily. Ms. Mackie has helped Adopt a House successfully run multiple projects around several needs, due to its wonderful partners, volunteers and generous donors. Ongoing financial and logistical assistance has been provided on a continual basis to affected residents through its hub on Facebook and the organization’s website.

Ms. Mackie assists and coordinates many informative workshops, programs and fundraising events which have made Adopt a House become a pivotal force in providing support for area residents. An effective and compassionate woman, Ms. Mackie has made a real difference in the fabric of her community.