Senate Blueprint Includes Record Funding to Combat Heroin and Opioid Addiction

Senator Phil Boyle

March 15, 2018

The spread of heroin and opioids are impacting far too many communities and will continue to destroy lives unless more aggressive actions are taken. 

That’s why I’m working to enact a comprehensive plan to address the scourge of heroin and opioid addiction as part of my Blueprint for a Stronger New York. 

My plan, which has been advanced as part of the Senate Majority’s new state budget proposal, would provide a record level of state funding to combat heroin and opioid abuse. It also includes far-reaching health and safety initiatives to reduce the harmful effects of drug abuse on everyone from infants to adults. 

Our proposal would increase the state’s support for opioid use disorder-related services to a new record of $265 million - going beyond the 2018-19 Executive Budget proposal of $228 million. 

In addition, our plan includes measures to: 
· Reduce exposure to opioids for children and adults; 
· Limit and provide alternatives to opioid use; 
· Better define controlled substances to include deadly drugs like fentanyl; 
· Screen expectant mothers to prevent and treat addiction in infants; 
· Better ensure a successful recovery for those struggling with addiction; and 
· Provide law enforcement with new tools to help get drugs and dealers off the streets.

For more information on our plan to combat heroin and opioid abuse, click here

I will continue to keep you posted on my efforts to make addressing heroin and opioid abuse a priority during ongoing budget negotiations.