A Public Trust: The Senate Seeks Your Ideas On Ethics Reform

May 26, 2009

Public office is a public trust. State Senators hold office to represent the interests of their constituents and the public at large, and are supported by public officers and employees. The public has a right to expect all public officers and employees to exercise sound judgment in performing their duties.

Do you agree with the statement above? If so, read on; the Senate wants to hear your ideas.

When NYSenate.gov launched earlier this month, it was accompanied by a new set of initiatives to increase the participatory nature of lawmaking at the New York State Senate. The first set of crowdsourcing and NYSenate Markup initiatives sought public input on how to alleviate the state's property tax burden. The following figures show many New Yorkers are taking advantage of this new avenue through which to communicate with the Senate:

  • 35 ideas posted
  • 45 comments made
  • 5,006 votes cast

Last week, the Senate launched a new set of crowdsourcing and Markup initiatives aimed at gathering public feedback on campaign finance reform. Today, the Senate is adding another topic: ethics reform.

The Senate recognizes the need to reform the state's ethics laws, and gathering the public's ideas and feedback is an important step towards making that reform a reality. We hope you will take the time to make your voice heard using these tools.

Draft ethics legislation is available for your feedback on the NYSenate Markup page here. If you have new ideas, post them to the crowdsourcing page here.

To find more information about the Ethics Committee's work, including the public hearing schedule, visit the committee page here.