Report Of The New York State Senate Select Committee To Investigate The Facts And Circumstances Surrounding The Conviction Of Hiram Monserrate

In October 2009, the New York State Senate unanimously passed a resolution approving a special committee of inquiry to investigate the conduct for which Senator Hiram Monserrate was convicted by the State Supreme Court of Queens County. The Committee examined precedent, rules, and all relevant law to establish the proper procedures and identify the remedies available to the Senate. The Committee conducted a thorough review of the facts and relevant evidence, as well as the potential options available under applicable law to address to this matter.

In its report, the Committee unanimously found that Senator Monserrate's misconduct damages the integrity and the reputation of the New York State Senate and demonstrates a lack of fitness to serve in this body. Accordingly, the Committee recommends that Senator Monserrate be sanctioned by the full Senate, and that the Senate vote to impose one of two punishments: expulsion, or in the alternative, censure with revocation of privileges. The Committee recommends that the full Senate convene to consider, debate, and vote on a resolution for expulsion as soon as reasonably possible. If that resolution fails to pass, the Senate should consider, debate and vote on a resolution for censure with the revocation of privileges.

The report is attached in both .pdf and .doc format.