Alice Holloway Young

April 27, 2018

Alice Holloway Young, born in Warren County, North Carolina, received a Bachelor’s degree from Bennett College, and Masters and Doctoral degrees in education supervision and administration from the University of Rochester. She began her career with the Rochester City School District in 1952, pioneering as an African-American educator over the next four decades.

Dr. Young’s impact on the Rochester City School District is immeasurable. She was one of the District's first African-American teachers, the only African-American reading specialist in the District at the time, the first African-American vice principal and principal of elementary schools, and the first Title I director. Dr. Young wrote and supervised the District's first integration programs, including the Urban  Suburban Program, which continues to grow to this day.

The recipient of many awards during the past 50 years, Dr. Young continues to be recognized for her unparalleled dedication to the field of education. She is a former fellow at R.I.T., a charter member of the Athenaeum and a former president of the five county Rochester Area Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity, the Delta Kappa Gamma International Education Society and the Rochester Chapter of The Links, Incorporated.

Dr. Young was named trustee in 1961, helped to establish Monroe Community College, served as a chair of its trustees for 20 consecutive years (1978-1998) and was recognized as the trustee who has served New York State community colleges the longest.

Dedicating her life to “breaking down fences so that others may shine,” The Alice H. Young Teaching Internship for Ethnic Minority Graduate Students and The Alice Holloway Young Society for Charitable Giving are both named in Dr. Young’s honor.