Resources for Residents Impacted by Lake Ontario Flooding

May 05, 2017

Lake Ontario Flood Assistance Hotline & DEC Response Hotlines Launched

“I thank Governor Cuomo for recognizing what's at stake with the flooding around Lake Ontario. The new State of Emergency will free up additional state resources and deploying DEC engineers will help determine what can be done to address future flooding, regardless of whether this event was caused by our rainy spring or the internationally-controlled "Plan 2014" lake level agreement. The state's response is appreciated by lakeshore communities like Irondequoit here in the 55th District and those all across our region.”

- Senator Rich Funke


The state is offering the following resources to impacted property owners:


The Governor has launched a Lake Ontario Flood Assistance Hotline to provide the latest information to residents affected in their community at 866-244-3839. Residents can call the hotline for the latest flooding forecast, help with flood mitigation measures like sandbags, or for technical assistance regarding on-site repairs.


As part of the Lake Ontario Rapid Response Team, DEC is deploying a team of experienced coastal engineers to Lake Ontario to work with property owners to address erosion, conduct site visits, meet with owners, and offer technical guidance. The team will rapidly review all emergency permit applications received. DEC’s engineers stand ready to work with property owners so that protective structures can be repaired and homeowners can take appropriate actions expeditiously. Property owners can contact DEC’s Division of Water at 518-402-8185 or


* Information courtesy of the Office of the Governor