Important Program Deadlines for Build it Back Homeowners

July 21, 2016

Attention Build it Back Homeowners

**Important Program Deadlines**


The Housing Recovery Office is moving aggressively toward Mayor Bill de Blasio’s goal of program completion by the end of 2016.  The following deadlines will be strictly enforced.


  •  Missed Appointments

Homeowners must schedule or reschedule Build it Back appointments within 14 days of the original appointment date.  The Program cannot accommodate later appointment dates.


  •   Reasonable Accommodation Requests

If you or a member of your household is disabled and require a reasonable accommodation as part of the construction design, you must submit a Reasonable Accommodation Request by July 31, 2016. Please note, the Program cannot accept requests from applicants who have reviewed their constructions designs.


  •   Design Approval

When you are presented with the design of your home, you will have 14 days to approve the design, pay any remaining transfer amount, and sign your grant agreement.  Homeowners that do not complete these items within 14 days will be withdrawn from the program.  Homeowners may request any eligible design changes at the design consultation.  These will be incorporated within the 14 day period.  No changes will be made to designs for any ineligible items or requests above Minimum Program Standards.


  •   Landlord/Tenant Agreements

If you are a landlord and have tenants that will be displaced due to Build it Back construction, you must sign a Temporary Relocation Agreement by July 31, 2016

Your tenant must sign this form by the time you sign your Grant Agreement.  We cannot execute the Grant Agreement and proceed with construction until you and your tenant(s) sign the Temporary Relocation Agreement. 


  •   Reduction of Transfer Amount

The Program can no longer accept receipts to lower your Transfer Amount or allow payment plans.


  •   Move out Dates

Homeowners must vacate their homes and remove the contents by the required move out date.  If you do not move out by the required date, you will have 14 additional days to vacate the property before you are found in default of the Program’s Grant Agreement.


  •   Program Appeals

Requests for Review of Program decisions must be received by Build it Back within 14 days.  The Program cannot process late Requests.


  • Attached Homes

We have extended our deadline for attached homeowners to decide how to proceed until the end of July. We hope that homeowners will take advantage of this opportunity.