Pamela Hardy-Lockley

April 27, 2018

Pamela Hardy-Lockley is the current President of the Linden Plaza Leaseholders’ Tenant Association Council in the East New York section of Brooklyn. A lifelong Brooklyn resident, Ms. Hardy-Lockley was born and raised in the Weeksville and Crown Heights sections of Brooklyn and moved to Linden Plaza in 1975. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and attended Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus. She is a member of the St. Paul Community Baptist Church in Brooklyn.

Ms. Hardy-Lockley, the Board and alternate members, have worked day and night to stop the wave of evictions and to address the issues that have plagued Linden Plaza residents as a result of a 2008 mortgage refinancing, conversion and 93% rent increase. Together, they have assisted hundreds of tenants appearing weekly in Brooklyn Housing Court facing eviction. Working closely with elected officials and other leaders in the community, Ms. Hardy-Lockley and the Council have successfully fostered a better understanding of the housing challenges in their community.

Ms. Hardy-Lockley is also a member of the Brooklyn Mitchell-Lama Task Force’s Legislative Committee-Brooklyn Borough Hall; the Mitchell-Lama Accountability and Action Committee (Co-Chair); Brooklyn Tenants United’s Task Force on Brooklyn Housing Court; the Coalition for Community Advancement – East New York and Cypress Hills Rezoning; and Community Board 5’s Private Development Resident Voices.

Ms. Hardy-Lockley’s father, Grand District Deputy Wilbert Hardy (IBPOE of W) and mother, Hazel Cohen, Brooklyn Chapter of the Eastern Stars-(ADA Chapter), taught her and her siblings the importance of community service. Both parents are now deceased, but their spirit of love, understanding and community service lives on in their daughter. Ms. Hardy-Lockley would like to thank the members of the Linden Plaza Leaseholders’ Tenant Association Council, friends and neighbors in Linden Plaza, for their love, prayers, advice, support and criticism… “without constructive criticism, we cannot learn and grow.”

Ms. Hardy-Lockley has the unwavering love and support of her daughters, Lisa Janelle and Jasmine Renee; sister-in law Jane, who loves her like a biological sister; and stepmother Julia Hagans, who is 104 years young and a wealth of invaluable advice.