Veiled Threats Prove NRA Is Dangerous And Violently Opposed To Reform

Senator Roxanne J. Persaud

January 04, 2016

 A legislative colleague, Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon, and I have announced plans for a common sense way to limit ammunition purchases and protect New Yorkers from those who would use firearms to commit crimes and violence. Is it sensible for a shotgun owner to purchase 3000 rounds of ammunition for an assault rifle?

How did the National Rifle Association react to this legislative proposal?  They tweeted out a picture of myself and my colleague surrounded by bullets. Outrageous, but unfortunately not surprising.  The NRA has consistently proven that they are more concerned with creating an atmosphere of intimidation and fear than protecting our rights.

Unfortunately, we don’t always know how individuals, especially those who are fiercely determined to block any and all firearm safety legislation will react.  The photo they released clearly has the potential to cause harm. Given the charged rhetoric and heightened emotions regarding the gun safety issue, it is irresponsible for the NRA to express their sentiments in such a hostile manner.

Placing bullets on pictures of elected officials, especially when we know that elected officials have been targeted by violent extremists in the past, is reckless and dangerous.

Rather than issuing veiled threats and harmful rhetoric, the NRA should instead be reaching out to Assemblywoman Simon and I, to express any reservations they may have about our proposed legislation and offer constructive suggestions or fact-based concerns that help lead to comprehensive solutions.

The gun safety issue is a major concern for millions of New Yorkers, and as an elected official, my top priority is to protect the lives and quality of life of my constituents. I will not be dissuaded from pushing for common sense restrictions on firearms and limits on dangerous ammunition and no threat from the NRA is going to change that fact.