Thomas F. Sharpe

June 01, 2010

photo_Thomas Sharpe (McDonald).png

Thomas F. Sharpe

Award: Veterans' Hall of Fame

Year: 2010

Thomas F. Sharpe was born in Troy, New York on May 4, 1933. Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Sharpe was called to active duty with the First Engineering Company, United States Marine Corps Reserve of Albany, New York. After completing boot camp at San Diego MCRD, as well as Fleet Marine Force training at Camp Pendleton, 51. Following his injury, Sharpe was discharged and returned to Troy High School to obtain his degree. He then sought employment at the Watervliet Arsenal, where he completed a four-year drafting course and worked in the Directorate of Engineering and Housing. After 36 years of service, he retired as Chief of the Project Section in 1988. Since joining Military OSharpe deployed to Korea with the eleventh replacement draft in July of 1951. There, he proudly served with the First Marine Division, First Marines, Second Battalion, Fox Company. Just months after landing, Sharpe received a chest wound in the line of duty, and was sent to Yukuska Naval Hospital in Japan.

When he stabilized, he then traveled upon the U.S.S. Haven for hospitalization at Oakland Naval Hospital in California, and eventually returned to New York State for care at St. Albans Naval Hospital in Long Island. During his recovery, Sharpe joined the Military Order of the Purple Heart U.S.A. , Inc., when Corporal Arthur Willi Chapter 17 of Troy forwarded his first membership in 19rder of the Purple Heart U.S.A. Inc., Sharpe held Chapter, Department and National offices, and was elected National Commander in 1984. Sharpe now serves as the Treasurer of the Purple Heart Foundation, and holds membership in the Korean War Veterans’ Association.

A proud soldier, Sharpe also served on the New York State Committees for the Vietnam Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. For his service to country and state, Sharpe earned the respect of fellow veterans and his community. As such, it is only fitting that the New York State Senate now recognize his sacrifices and bravery.