Julissa Juarbe

May 13, 2013


Julissa Juarbe


Year: 2013

Julissa Juarbe has compiled several noteworthy accomplishments that make her more than worthy to be honored as a Woman of Distinction. 

A native of Puerto Rico, Ms. Juarbe was one of three children born to Rafaela and Rafael Romero. She moved to the United States with her parents at the age of eight. Upon arrival, she and her family became a part of the fabric of the community of Boro Park in Brooklyn, where she began her elementary studies in the New York City Public School system. 

At an early age, Ms. Juarbe understood the importance of community and public service. While in high school, Ms. Juarbe was an active volunteer; she worked with seniors as a recreational coordinator, which ignited her passion for community work. 

After high school, Ms. Juarbe enrolled in Hunter College to pursue a degree in English Language Arts and minor in Sociology. Upon graduating, she set off to start a career in the health field where she has dedicated her time and expertise for the past 10 years. Her commitment and extensive experience in sales, marketing and community relations have helped her to create awareness and educate seniors about alternative health care coverage. Her most current position is with WellCare as the Sales Manager for New York Downstate. 

Ms. Juarbe has taken her passion and commitment to the community organizations in which she works and, most importantly, to the seniors she works to enroll.  These programs are the key to improving the health and well-being of the seniors and those around them. Ms. Juarbe’s sincere commitment to bettering people’s lives and their communities has been a recipe for success. Her deep commitment to these ideals has remained consistent throughout her career. 

Ms. Juarbe currently resides in East Elmhurst with her daughter Kayla. Through her dedication and passion, she continues to set high standards for herself and the people around her and her generosity and compassion are an inspiration to all she meets.