2/14/2012: Caucus Members meet with NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea

On Tuesday, February 14, 2012, Senator Shirley L. Huntley (D-Jamaica) as well as members of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Caucus met with New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Chairman John B. Rhea. Chairman Rhea explained the need for legislative leaders and NYCHA to work closely together to maximize the resources available to NYCHA for delivery of services to thousands of families in New York City. He stated that New York State and New York City had to put forth the effort and commitment of helping to fund NYCHA, or the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD)agency would not put forth funding to NYCHA projects..

Chairman Rhea alongside his staff members described a new program which NYCHA resident would receive training for employment in a myriad of skills and occupations. Over 1,000 people have received employment training through this program. Yet another program that costs $10 million, is being implemented by NYCHA, which would allow residents to work on repairs in NYCHA building’s and give them the opportunity to join the Teamsters Union.

Chairman Rhea also stated his plan to build new housing for seniors since many of them live alone in large apartments. This would decrease the amount of families on waiting lists for 2 and 3 bedroom apartments..