5/25/2010: NYSUT Lobby Day

Shirley L. Huntley

May 24, 2010

Representatives from New York State of United Teachers visited Senator Huntley to discuss:

S. 3843 Duane

Enacts the "safe staffing for quality care act" to require acute care facilities to implement certain direct-care nurse to patient ratios in all nursing units; sets minimum staffing requirements; requires every such facility to submit a documented staffing plan to the department on an annual basis and upon application for an operating certificate; requires acute care facilities to maintain staffing records during all shifts; authorizes nurses to refuse work assignments if the assignment exceeds the nurse's abilities or if minimum staffing is not present; requires public access to documented staffing plans; imposes civil penalties for violations of such provisions; establishes private right of action for nurses discriminated against for refusing any illegal work assignment.

S. 3849 L. Kruger

Revises proceedings to recover possession of premises located in a multiple dwelling; requires premises to be registered with the local agency responsible for code enforcement; petition shall be stated in plain language and include notice of the rights of the respondent and a statement of any outstanding code violations on the premises and whether rent payments from a public assistance office is being withheld therefor; provides civil penalties for willful misstatements on such petition.