Anna Cali

May 13, 2014


Anna Cali


Year: 2014

Anna Cali was born to Italian Catholic immigrants, and grew up in Brooklyn with her family. She received a B.B.A. Degree in Finance from Pace University and went on to work for First Boston Corporation in the World Trade Center. After four years, Ms. Cali decided that she wanted a more rewarding profession and became a teacher. It has been her passion for the past 23 years. Currently, Ms. Cali is an educational director for a preschool, also teaching in an afterschool program. 

Ms. Cali became very involved in her community when a group of residents from her neighborhood came together to fight against over-building in that neighborhood. Together, they ensured that builders and owners followed the zoning laws and did not take advantage of  their neighbors. 

Four years ago, Ms. Cali was appointed to Community Board 12, where she currently serves as Secretary to the Executive Board. Her active and eff ective board membership allows her to represent the best interests of her community and of Brooklyn.  

Ms. Cali is very proud to be Catholic and is a very active parishioner of Saint Athanasius Church where she is a Eucharistic Minister, on the School Advisory Board and Parish Council, a member of the Homeless Outreach Program, the Youth Program and was a girls’ softball coach for four years. 

Married for 25 years to Salvatore Cali, Jr., Ms. Cali is most proud of her two children – Teressa and Macaulay – whom she sees as her greatest accomplishments. 

Ms. Cali steadfastly believes that everything in life will fall into place if you live by three principles – stand up for what is right, have dinner with your family and go to church on Sundays.