Senator Saland Comments on the MTA Bailout Bill

Stephen M. Saland

May 08, 2009

When a vote on the MTA bailout bill came before me for consideration, the new Senate Democrat Majority gave us  approximately one hour to read over the 39 page bill that they negotiated in secret.  It took me less than a few seconds, however, to see that it was an abhorrent plan filled with new taxes, fees and fare hikes that would only result in further fiscal pain for the people of Dutchess County.

The Senate Democrat Majority collectively shoved down the throats of the people living in the 12-county region a $2.2 billion tax, fee and fare hike.  The Senate Democrats imposed a job-killing payroll tax on every employer, whether they are public, private or not-for-profit.  Everyone will be paying more: churches, temples, schools, hospitals, boy scouts, girl scouts, day care operators, colleges, towns, villages, cities, and the list goes on.  

If you live in the MTA region, you will pay more for a learner’s permit, driver’s license, car registration, rental car, and a taxi ride in the city of New York. 

Roughly 98% of Dutchess County residents have never or almost never use Metro North, but yet, we are being forced to support a transit system that is in fiscal shambles with no end in sight.

I voted NO, loudly and clearly on this ludicrous bill.