Mary Alice Price

May 13, 2013


Mary Alice Price


Year: 2013

A tireless educator, Mary Alice Price has spent her adult life making a difference in the lives of children. After a distinguished 40-year career as an educator and administrator, most recently as Superintendent of the Pittsford Schools east of Rochester, New York, she took her well-deserved retirement in January 2013.

Ms. Price leaves behind a legacy as a consensus builder. Both at the time she announced her retirement and when it took effect, colleagues unanimously honored her for never taking the easy way out in a debate, always taking a principled stand and holding fast to what she thought was right. At the same time, she earned respect by working to build consensus and acting to decrease the rancor in discussions of contentious issues in a respectful way. Several colleagues credit her with restoring direction to a district that was adrift during legal and logistical challenges as she was hired.

Ms. Price has received numerous accolades for superiority in her field and for her unflagging support of education. During her tenure as superintendent, both Pittsford Mendon and Pittsford Sutherland were listed among the top 100 high schools in the nation. The New York State Senate is far from the first body to recognize her, Ms. Price has previously been recognized as the 2009 New York State School Superintendent of the Year and has also been nominated for this year’s national PTSA Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Greater than any of these awards is the outpouring of admiration from those whose lives she touched in Pittsford. Schools and fire halls throughout the district flew flags reading “Superintendent Price: Congratulations and Thank You!” on the day of her retirement, and a scholarship fund in her name for Pittsford alumni has already received thousands of dollars in donations. 

Her impact on the region extends far beyond Pittsford and literally encircles Rochester, as Ms. Price also served as superintendent of Churchville-Chili, assistant superintendent at West Irondequoit and as an English teacher at Webster Central.