Thomas F. O'Mara

June 20, 2013

It may not be getting the widespread public notice it deserves, but we've just taken a big step toward delivering long-awaited and badly needed property tax relief for New York State's farmers. 

That's because both houses of the Legislature have unanimously approved legislation I co-sponsor to place a 2% cap on annual agricultural land assessment increases.

This legislation was a cornerstone of “Grown in New York,” a comprehensive economic development strategy for New York State agriculture that I unveiled with my Senate Republican colleagues earlier this year.  

For too long, property tax increases have been crushing our family farms and driving too many of them out of business.  New York farmers have long labored under the second highest property tax burden in America and it’s been an unfair competitive disadvantage.  

It’s about time we took this action and we’re hopeful that it will make a difference for our next generation of family farmers to help them grow, prosper and stay competitive.