Jobs, Spending, and Taxes

Thomas F. O'Mara

January 21, 2011

Jobs, spending, and taxes. Too many Upstate jobs have disappeared.  State spending has been reckless.  State taxes and fees have skyrocketed.

These refrains have been steady and strong across recent state history.

But they’ve been louder than ever recently.  The public has made it crystal clear in recent public opinion polls showing strong support for initiatives like proposed caps on property taxes and state spending, as well as mandate relief and Medicaid reform.

That's exactly why we’ve seen Governor Andrew Cuomo spend the first weeks of his new administration beating the drum on key reform priorities.  There may never be a better time to rally the political consensus it’s going to take to implement meaningful actions.

That’s why, as well, the Senate's first substantive legislative action of 2011 was this week's approval of our “Job Creation and Taxpayer Protection Act” -- a comprehensive legislative package I’ll be co-sponsoring that lays out many of our key priorities for private-sector economic growth, spending control, and job-creating tax policies.

There’s no denying that challenge No. 1 is the state’s immediate budget deficit. 

But we also have to begin putting in place a foundation for long-term fiscal responsibility and sustained economic growth.  In the Senate we’re determined that Albany takes a new approach to economic growth and fiscal responsibility, beginning this year. 

Read here for more details on the Senate’s “Job Creation and Taxpayer Protection Act” and, as always, I welcome your feedback, opinions, and suggestions. 

You can also share your view through my online poll.