New Jobs NY

Thomas F. O'Mara

March 08, 2012

It’s undeniable that the past year in New York government has already achieved overdue and significant economic and fiscal reforms.

But we can’t stop now.

A January 2012 report from the Tax Foundation still ranked New York as having the second-worst business tax climate in the nation, ahead of only New Jersey.

So we need to keep at it.  It’s time to do anything and everything possible to remove New York from the list of states with the worst business environments in America.

Government can help lead that effort by cutting taxes and controlling spending.  Our communities and our workers need New York to be a place that opens the door to private-sector job growth, welcomes businesses and industries, and helps provide long-term economic security for workers and their families.

The new Senate plan proposes to strengthen the state’s economic competitiveness and improve New York’s business climate through a broad strategy involving significant tax relief, much of it aimed at private-sector job creation, and fiscal responsibility and spending control across state government.

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