Advocating for Continued Enforcement of Weight Limitation Laws for Megabus

Thomas K. Duane

April 04, 2012

Megabus, the low-cost, inter-city bus service, which currently maintains a fleet of buses that park on and travel through Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea streets, has caused many quality of life concerns that I have been working with my colleagues in government, Community Board staff and members, and neighborhood activists to address.  I recently became aware of a study commissioned by Adirondack Transit Lines, with information provided by the New York State Police, that indicates Megabus’ double-decker buses may very well not be in compliance with city, state and federal weight limits for tandem axel vehicles.  As a result, I spearheaded a joint letter from your local elected officials bringing this matter to the attention of New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Joan McDonald and calling on the agency to monitor Megabus vehicles and ensure that they are complying with applicable weight limitation laws.  It is notable that several days after we sent our letter, a Megabus was weighed by the Port Authority police and found to be close to 5,000 pounds overweight.  A violation was issued and the bus was forced to turn back and unload passengers.  I will continue to work with all applicable agencies to ensure that vehicle weight limitation laws are both enforced and observed.