Applauding President Obama’s Support For Marriage Equality

Thomas K. Duane

May 18, 2012

The announcement on May 9 by President Barack Obama in support of marriage equality was historic. If you would have told me five years ago that a sitting President of the United States would publicly express the right of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) citizens to marry, and for full equality for our families, I would not have believed it.
As the first openly gay State Senator in the State of New York, I was the original and prime sponsor of New York’s historic Marriage Equality Act. As proud as I was of New York for its passage of Marriage Equality, so too am I proud of President Obama’s courageous decision to publicly support it nationwide.

I had the opportunity to speak about the President's historic announcement on a number of television programs, including Fox 5's Good Day New York, MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes and RNN's Richard French Live.